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CBT Vision's expertise in testing and training products can now be utilized to fit the special requirements of educators. Although Examiner™ was originally developed to serve the needs of students who were preparing for certification exams, the Examiner Administration Utility enables it to be used in exciting new ways. Instructors can now create quizzes or tests of any length or variety that will serve their needs within the context of the classroom throughout a semesters or course of study. Whether there is a need for pop quizzes, mid-term tests or final exams, Examiner can be used to augment or replace traditional paper-based assessment tools. Test content can be developed by CBT Vision or created by customers to serve their specific educational objectives.

Unlike any other popular test preparation software Examiner™ makes it possible to completely integrate Examiner™ into the classroom environment. Instructors can now create customized tests from a large and varied pool of questions. These tests can be delivered in a secure environment at any given time.

Student information and test results can be entered, tracked and reported upon with incredible ease. Examiner™ also works well with other applications. Information can be imported from and exported to Excel spreadsheets with the click of a mouse.

The Examiner Administration Utility is Internet ready. That makes it easier than ever to tailor virtually any content and subject matter into an assessment solution that will work for you. Using a test simulator need not interfere with any other classroom activities. It can only serve to enhance them. We are confident that you will find that learning progresses at a much more rapid rate when you get our products working for you.

That's a big part of our mission: empowering the learner, as well as the educator, today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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