Practically Real PR-Office2000:
Microsoft Office 2000 Bundle (51 Exercises)

Microsoft Excel 2000 Proficient (10 Exercises)

Does it look like one huge tic-tac-toe board to you that does nothing more than fill up your computer screen? Then you made need help getting up to speed with Excel 2000. Even if you know the basics the hands-on tutorials found in Practically Real for Excel 2000 will serve to make you more proficient and productive in using this awesome business tool.

  1. Opening a New Workbook and Entering Values into the Cells
  2. Opening an Existing Workbook and Entering Values into the Cells
  3. Using Print Preview
  4. Using The Copy and Cut & Paste Features of Microsoft Excel
  5. Using the Undo and Redo Options Using Cell Editing Functions - Merging Cells and Deleting Rows
  6. Creating a Chart Based on Existing Worksheet Data
  7. Updating Information for a Previously Created Chart
  8. Customizing Excel's Interface with Toolbars
  9. Creating HTML Documents from Microsoft Excel Worksheet Information
  10. Introducing Excel's Auto Outline Feature.

Microsoft Excel 2000 Expert (11 Exercises)

Are you sick of trying to take Excel to the next level on your own? The Expert level? Practically Real may provide the prescription to your problem. Make your way through its careful recreation of Excel 2000 while mastering a good number of useful tasks. Repeat the following as needed.

  1. Working with Conditional Formatting
  2. Sorting Ranges by a Column of Values
  3. Using Excel's Data Query Feature
  4. Using the Rounding, Integer, and Absolute Value Functions
  5. Using IF Formulas and Formula Replication
  6. Creating a Pivot Table
  7. Adding a Map Using Computer Mapping
  8. Recording Macros
  9. Formatting Cells
  10. Setting a Password on an Excel document
  11. Inserting Comments in Excel Files.

Microsoft Word 2000 (15 Exercises)

Microsoft Word is big. Word. If you need to become proficient in a good number of the activities outlined below, you can do so by buying Practically Real and practicing them outside of the context of Word itself. That's the good word. The price is good too.

  1. Add an Item to an Automatically Numbered List
  2. Hiding and Displaying Word 2000 Toolbars
  3. Using Spell Checking and Grammar Checking
  4. Editing a document
  5. Changing Fonts and Styles
  6. Formatting Paragraph Indents and Paragraph Alignment
  7. Previewing and Printing Documents
  8. Inserting Page Breaks
  9. Creating and Formatting Tables
  10. Using The AutoCorrect Feature
  11. Formatting Bullets and Numbering
  12. Creating and Using Document Styles
  13. Creating Envelopes and Using Envelope Formats
  14. Using the Columns Feature
  15. Creating a Hyperlink in an HTML Document

Microsoft Word 2000 Expert (15 Exercises)

Admit it now, you really can't stand those people who are forever prancing around the office showing off how to do this in Word or how to do that... or maybe you're one of those people and you need more ammunition and you're down to your last trick. Maybe you simply need just a little bit of tutelage to be able to accomplish the tasks below for entirely practical reasons. Regardless, check out this list of neat things Practically Real can teach you to do in Word, before you even open Word up. That's a pretty neat trick too.

  1. Inserting a Clip Art Image into a Document Header
  2. Manipulating and Grouping Objects
  3. Working with Autoshape
  4. Recording a Macro
  5. Working with Mail Merge Features
  6. Sorting Table Contents
  7. Merging Tables Cells
  8. Adding Formulas to Table Cells
  9. Working with Footnotes
  10. Inserting Sub-Documents into Master Documents
  11. Editing a Document Summary
  12. Creating and Applying Styles
  13. Creating Mailing Labels
  14. Using the Columns Feature
  15. Saving a Word File as an HTML Document