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Examiner™ for CompTIA Exam SY0-101:

Exam Information*
Exam # : Time Limit : Passing Score : Exam Questions : Examiner Questions : Format : Certifications :
SY0-101 90 min. 764 on a scale of 100-900 * 100 272 Traditional Security+

* CompTIA may incorporate newer testing technologies or content into a given exam at any time. It may change the characteristics of its exams without prior notice.

It's an insecure world. People that operate computer networks are reminded of that about once a day, at the very least. The people at CompTIA are also aware of this fact. They consider computer security important. When CompTIA considers a subject important, they create a certification exam that will test people on how much they know about that subject. Once people pass the exam, they are certified for life. Employers can count on those people to be able to do certain jobs for them competently. The nice thing about many CompTIA exams is that, although they require some experience and familiarity with the subject matter, passing the exams is not out of reach for people with a fair amount of experience, aptitude and determination. You don't usually need to be a subject matter expert or guru to pass a CompTIA exam. You may need some help getting up to speed, however. Examiner for: Security+ is designed to help you master subjects like those listed below. Consider this list only a taste of what CompTIA thinks that you should know about security before they certify you.

General Security Concepts 30%

Communication Security 20 %

Infrastructure Security 20%

Basics of Cryptography 15%

Operational/Organizational Security 15%

A complete summary of everything you need to know is found here.

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