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Examiner™ for Microsoft Exam 70-224:
Installing, Configuring, and Administering
Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server

Exam Information*
Exam # : Time Limit : Passing Score : Exam Questions : Examiner Questions : Format : Certifications :
70-224 160 min. 755 45 (if traditional)* 135 Traditional MCP, MCSE

* Microsoft reserves the right to incorporate newer testing technologies into a given exam at any time,
to change the number of questions, to change the passing score or even eliminate score reports completely without prior notice.

Exchange 2000 Server features advanced messaging capabilities that have never been seen before. Exchange 2000 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and all its features too. In fact, Microsoft Exchange 2000 may seem only somewhat familiar to users of previous versions of Exchange or Windows. Microsoft Exam 70-224 will make that painfully obvious to those who don't prepare well enough to pass this exam. Those who are completely unfamiliar with the product are really going to need help. Examiner™ for MS Exam 70-224 is coming soon to ease the potential for such pain. If you know a thing or two about Windows 2000 and Active Directory, it's time to enhance your credentials by passing the 70-224 exam. CBT Vision's Examiner™ will help you master the Exchange 2000 Server topics summarized below:

Installing and Upgrading Exchange 2000 Server
Some people think that this is were it starts... and ends. You know better. You never want to get stuck here - so you need to know about:

And you need to know how to:

Configuring Exchange 2000 Server.
Lots of different types of servers bear the name Exchange, including mailbox, public folder, gateway, virtual, Chat, and Instant Messaging servers. To make them all work the right way know how to:

Among other things
Managing Recipient Objects
Some users might not take kindly to being thought of as objects. That shouldn't concern you too much because you must concern yourself with how to do the following tasks to keep your users truly happy:

Monitoring and Managing Messaging Connectivity
This doesn't mean that you should listen in on other people's messages. You will need to know how to make sure that the messages get from sender to recipient. To do that, you need to know how to:

Managing Exchange 2000 Server Growth
You get to manage growth. When the time comes to polish up your resume that will be a very nice phrase for you to use. When the time comes to do it for Exchange 2000 you should know how to:

Restoring System Functionality and User Data
This is what people think you do all the time. That's when they notice you. When all eyes are on you you'd better know how to:

Examiner™ has everything you need to pass your exam.

For a list of all the topics you need to know to pass this exam you can visit Microsoft's official web page for the 70-224 exam.