Examiner - 70221

Examiner™ for Microsoft Exam 70-221:
Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000
Network Infrastructure

Exam Information*
Exam # : Time Limit : Passing Score : Exam Questions : Examiner Questions : Format : Certifications :
70-221 215 min. 555 40 at present time 117 Questions in 6 Case Studies Case Study with a mix of question types MCP, MCSE

* Microsoft reserves the right to incorporate newer testing technologies into a given exam at any time,
to change the number of questions, to change the passing score or even eliminate score reports completely without prior notice.

Are you an enterprise network architect? You can prove that to Microsoft by passing Exam 70-221. Just to make sure of such things Microsoft has re-designed the exam format for its design exams such as 70-219, 70-220 and 70-221. As they put it: "This exam includes new types of questions that are very different from other exam formats currently in use." One major difference is case studies. You read the case study. You answer questions on the case study. Some of the questions also use innovative formats called drop and connect, select and place or tree-view style as opposed to the more traditional multiple-choice varieties.

CBT Vision has also kept pace with the content and format of the Microsoft exams that we prepare you to pass. Then you can go on to help people design their networks. The skills that exam 70-221 measures are summarized below:

Analyzing Business Requirements
This is certainly a new activity for some technically oriented people. It must be done. The case studies are a great help. Once you get used to reading them, you realize that they are full of hints as to the correct procedure and policy for a given situation such as:

Analyzing Technical Requirements
Questions that fall into this category will require you to evaluate the company's existing and planned technical environment or analyze the impact of your design on the existing and planned technical environment. Issues can include bandwidth and latency, TCP/IP infrastructure, assessing current hardware and users needs. In doing these things you always have the case study itself as a crucial reference.

Designing a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
Based on a problem statement and other information you are going to design or redesign just about every aspect of the current network. You'll be using Microsoft technologies to do so. Topology, TCP/IP, SNA, DHCP and even IPX/SPX are all fair game for change or decommissioning.

Designing for Internet Connectivity
Since 1995 Microsoft has never forgotten about the Internet. Neither should you when you design the road ahead. Your design solutions may encompass an Internet and extranet access solution. Components of the solution could include proxy server, firewall, routing and remote access, Network Address Translation (NAT), connection sharing, Web server, or mail servers. You may be asked to design a load-balancing strategy.

Designing a Wide Area Network Infrastructure
At the enterprise level there is rarely just one network or a single domain involved. Exam 70-221 brings this fact home by measuring your skills and knowledge as they relate to Remote Access and VPNs.

Designing a Management and Implementation Strategy for Windows 2000 Networking
It should not be completely surprising that one of your areas of expertise will involve implementing Windows 2000 as part of your design. Services include global catalog, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services, Certificate Services, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Routing and Remote Access, Proxy Server, and Dfs. Don't forget to plan for growth and to figure out whether your organization is centralized or decentralized.

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