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Examiner™ for Microsoft Exam 70-218:
Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment

Exam Information*
Exam # : Time Limit : Passing Score : Exam Questions : Examiner Questions : Format : Certifications :
70-218 150 min. Pass/Fail 60 at present time 182 Traditional as yet MCP, MCSA, MCSE

* Microsoft reserves the right to incorporate newer testing technologies into a given exam at any time,
to change the number of questions, to change the passing score or even eliminate score reports completely without prior notice.

The Microsoft MCSA is, as yet, a "young" certification. Nonetheless, certcities.com has predicted it will be "the hottest certification" this year. Microsoft suggests that it is "appropriate for people who administer, support, and troubleshoot information systems that incorporate Microsoft Windows 2000." The Web page that covers this exam gives details. This exam is a core requirement for the MCSA.

Maybe you are somewhat new to the world of IT or you have some networking experience under your belt. Whatever the case, this may just be the certification that will show potential employers that you have what it takes. You may be a career changer. Passing this exam could be a "career changer" for you. Your exam is going to test you in these areas:

Creating, Configuring, Managing, Securing, and Troubleshooting File, Print, and Web Resources
You'll need to know IIS, the proper way to share folders, files, printers and Web services, and file systems like NTFS, EFS and DFS. Security and permissions play a big part in all of this.

Configuring, Administering, and Troubleshooting the Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure can be summed up with five letters split by a slash: "TCP/IP". Details include a lot more letters: DNS, DHCP, PTR, CNAME, and a dash of WINS. On the lowercase side be ready for questions on ping, tracert, ipconfig, netdiag and nbtstat.

Managing, Securing, and Troubleshooting Servers and Client Computers
This big task is broken up into smaller ones for your convenience: install and configure server and client computer hardware, troubleshoot starting servers and client computers, monitor and troubleshoot server health and performance, install and manage Windows 2000 updates - to name but a few.

Configuring, Managing, Securing, and Troubleshooting Active Directory Organizational Units and Group Policy
Not everybody gets to build an Active Directory. More people will be needed to maintain one. They should be prepared to do anything from creating and configuring user and computer accounts for new and existing users to implementing and managing security policies by using Group Policy.

Configuring, Securing, and Troubleshooting Remote Access
Many companies are using Remote Access tools to link their mobile workers to headquarters or share an Internet connection at headquarters. You mission is to make it all work, keep it working and make sure that it's secure. The devil is in the details and the details are in the questions.

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For a list of all the topics you need to know to pass this exam you can visit Microsoft's official web page for the 70-218 exam.